Board Of Trustees

The District is governed by a three member Board of Trustees, appointed by elected State legislators representing the entire District. The Board of Trustees is responsible for making policy, setting user charge rates, appropriating funds, approving payments, and appointing a manager to operate the District and an attorney to provide legal counsel.

Board President & Treasurer

Bernadette M. Morrison

Vice President

Francisco Perez


Raymond C. Robertson


Eric T. Stach


The District’s daily operations are managed by the Executive Director, who reports directly to the Board. A total staff of approximately 30 employees performs all the responsibilities of the District. The staff includes professionals in the fields of environmental engineering, civil engineering, chemistry, biology, finance and information systems. The average length of service for the District’s full time staff is approximately 13 years.



The Manager is responsible for all of the activities of the District, including management of the treatment plant operations, coordination and supervision of all planning and construction work, management and accounting of revenues, disbursements and cash flow, and coordination with all interacting governmental units, private agencies and citizens.

Executive Director
Jennifer Hindel, P.E.

Human Resource Coordinator
Julie Navarro


Engineering Department

The Engineering Department provides all engineering services needed by the District, by either performing services directly or supervising consultants. The Department is responsible for all phases of major renovation project including the design, bidding, construction and startup, sewer system tributary to the treatment plant, both lines owned by the District and lines owned by the communities and the application of biosolids to farm land.

Technical Services Director
Jeremy Stubbs


Finance Department

The finance Department handles and documents all revenue from the user charge system, Illinois replacement taxes, connection fees and other income. Payrolls are prepared. All vouchers are checked and recorded before payouts are made to vendors, contractors, suppliers, and engineers. This Department also supervises billings done for the District by each municipality.

The Billing Department, which is under the supervision of the Finance Director, is responsible for billing and collecting the volume based user charges.

Finance Director
Norma Cash

Trudy Krygsheld


Operations Department

The Operations Department is responsible for day-to-day operation of the treatment facilities and the plant computer control system. The control scheme and process variables are adjusted to operate each treatment unit in the most efficient manner possible while consistently complying with all of the State and Federal standards and discharge permit conditions. The Homewood Excess Flow Plant is also Operations' responsibility.

Processed residuals are pumped to a lagoon facility (known as the Annex) by the Operations Department. Supernatant is returned to the treatment plant through a sewer. After years of thickening, the solids are disposed of on agricultural land as a low grade fertilizer. The cost of sludge disposal is borne by the Sludge Disposal Department.

Director of Operations
Lucas Streicher

Computer Network Administrator
Eric Lindsey

Chief Operator
Joshua Halon

Shawn Blimke

Rodney Henry

Vincent Rosado

Eric Wiesner


Laboratory Department

The Laboratory conducts all of the chemical and biological analyses necessary for operational control of the plant, documenting plant performance to the EPA and monitoring of industrial discharges into the sanitary sewer system. The water quality in Thorn Creek is monitored upstream and downstream of the plant discharges. A pretreatment program is operated in compliance with the USEPA requirements. The ground water monitoring wells at the Annex are also sampled and tested, as are the solids applied to farmland.

Laboratory Director/
Pretreatment Coordinator

Nathan Yoder

Chemist/Laboratory Supervisor

Lab Technicians
William Hahn


Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department performs all the overhaul, repair and replacement of the equipment and structures within the district's $40 million dollar facilities including the Main Plant, Homewood Excess Flow Plant, Biosolids Storage Lagoon, Steger Road Station, Deer Creek Station, Monee Road Station and the Wet Weather Retention Facility.

Maintenance Superintendent
Phil Luck

Maintenance Foreman
Jerry Lannom

Class A Mechanic
Abel Bravo

Class A Mechanic
Carl Port

Class A Mechanic
Gavier Sanchez

Class A Mechanic
Eric Stanton

Class B Mechanic
James Notter

Building & Grounds Laborer
Carl Laws

Building & Grounds Laborer
Marco Recio

K. Berg

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